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Information on GSRP enrollment

ATTENTION All FAMILIES  WITH A FOUR-YEAR-OLD CHILD Dearborn Schools offers a Free Preschool Program GSRP is a free program for all eligible families and is designed to give a high quality preschool experience prior to Kindergarten.   Eligibility is primarily based on family income (federal poverty level), life experiences and child’s age.   If your child’s …

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Chromebook Distribution

Chromebooks will be available to students who have not picked up a Chromebook or did get a Chromebook but need another Chromebook because of multiple students in the same household- Chromebooks are available to McDonald school students only.  Parents or guardians  (no Children)  can pick up a Chromebook on Monday April 27 or on Tuesday April 28 anytime between 10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m.  No Children Please

Spring Break

Spring Break for teachers and students: April 6-10, 2020. Students: Please continue to read daily. Thanks.

 عطلة الربيع للمعلمين والمعلمات والطلاب  من ٦ الى ١٠ نيسان / ابريل، ٢٠٢٠ . يرجى من الطلاب الاستمرار في القراءة كل يوم.شكرا

Logging onto Parent Connect to View report cards

1. How do parents login to ParentConnect? To login to ParentConnect, parents need their PIN and password. (Screen below – Recommended): Parents go to Dearborn Schools web site then ParentConnect link. If they don’t know the login info, they click (Need Your Login Information) link and it will prompt them to enter their email address as provided to the school and entered in MIStar (Menu/Enrollment/Student Editor/Contacts) and click Submit. This process emails them their PIN and Password.