We are very excited to have completed a whole week of school!  The students are adjusting well and getting back in to “School Mode”.  Please click on the McDonald Newsletters tab at the top of the page to find monthly newsletters.

Several parent meetings are coming up next week…please make sure you check your child’s backpack for any notes. 

MARK YOUR CALENDAR…Open House is scheduled for September 19th, from 4:30-6:00.  Stop in to visit your child’s classroom, check out their work, and join the PTA!!

We Appreciate Our Teachers!

thank you

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to the staff at McDonald Elementary! Teachers are not “just a teacher”. While your child is at McDonald School, their teacher is their father, a mother, a nurse, a counselor, a friend, a disciplinarian, a motivator, a cheerleader, an educator, and an advocate for children.

Please make sure you and your child give a big THANKS to their teacher!

Upcoming Field Trips

Many classes are going on field trips this spring. Please check your child’s backpack for their field trip permission slip. Students will NOT be allowed on field trips without the permission slip. If parents plan on chaperoning their child’s trip, they must fill out the appropriate paper work in the office.

First Grade-Detroit Zoo 5-8-13
First Grade-Greenfield Village 5-22-13

Second Grade-Greenfield Village 5-17-13

Third Grade-U of M Nature Center 5-9-13
Third Grade-Green Meadows 5-16-13

Fourth Grade-Greenfield Village 5-14-13

Fifth Grade 6-4-13

Please make sure your child has a bagged lunch for their field trip!


Canned Food & Clothing Drive

McDonald Elementary is joining hands with Zaman International to collect non-perishable food items and gently used clothing. This is an excellent opportunity to teach children about giving to those less fortunate.

Help your child by going through the pantry together and choosing food items to bring in. You can also ask your child to go through their closet with you and pick out clothes that no longer fit so that they can be donated as well.

Donations are being accepted until Friday, March 22nd.

Classroom Teams!

Students and teachers worked together to create their classroom team mascots!  Check out the characters that are up so far throughout the school.  More to come, but leave a comment under this post about which one YOU like the best!!!

Mrs. Morrison's Class
Mrs. Morrison’s Class
Mrs. Saad's Class
Mrs. Saad’s Class


Mr. Cook's Class
Mr. Cook’s Class


Ms. Kaid's Class
Ms. Kaid’s Class
Mrs. Hansen's Class
Mrs. Hansen’s Class
Mrs. Wagner's Class
Mrs. Wagner’s Class
Mrs. Ali's Class
Mrs. Ali’s Class
Ms. Shaheen's Class
Ms. Shaheen’s Class
Mr. Bazzi's Class
Mr. Bazzi’s Class


Ms. Aun's Clas
Ms. Aun’s Clas
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