McDonald Elementary School

Superintendent Update March 15 – COVID 19 #Students1stDbnSchs

Greetings Dearborn Public Schools Community, 

I want to reassure everyone that we have been working hard and we have the safety of students, staff, and the community as the number one priority.   We have been meeting with our crisis team everyday and we have made difficult decisions that require positive and unwavering team leadership. The situation is very fluid and constantly changing. We are now closed until April 13 which is also subject to change. During a time of crisis we need to come together and support each other as a Dearborn Public Schools Community. The support of our Board President Berry, the entire Board of Education, our administrative team, crisis team, union leadership, teaching faculty, engineeners, all staff, city officials, state officials, Wayne County, the Governor’s office, parents, and students has been essential. We are in a state of International crisis and I am extremely proud to be the Superintendent of such an awesome school community with outstanding teachers, staff, parents and of course our fantastic students.  I also want to give a special thank you to Principal Waddell, Engineer Mike Lowe and the entire Whitmore Bolles staff and school community for the professional manner in which they handled the crisis in their building last week. 

Please be advised that under the Governor’s order only staff are allowed to enter school district buildings. Parents, students and community members are not allowed to enter the buildings until the shutdown is over.  The only exception is for volunteers that may assist with the food distribution program or others that receive special permission from the principal after consultation with an Executive Director on the crisis team.  

Central office will remain open but we will not allow visitors to enter the building (We will have a limited number of staff members in the building). Instead they will need to use phone communication or other forms of electronic communication. The communications office line for the public is 313-827-3006 and will be open for calls from 9am-4pm (Monday to Friday). Parents and community members can also email the communications department at the following email address.  In addition, we will allow staff to work from home as much as possible and they will use electronic forms of communication. 

The district crisis team will continue to meet everyday at central office and/or via electronic communication. We will also publish a daily video update for the public starting early this week related to the COVID 19 Virus. I am confident that we will all come together in a positive manner and work to deal with the crisis at hand in the best interest of our school community and the students that we serve. I wish everyone all the best for healthy days and weeks ahead. 

With Regards,

Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D

Superintendent, Dearborn Public Schools