Teacher Blogs & Emails

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Principal and Office Staff

Mrs. Modica


Mrs. Pierce


Mrs. Zaher


Preschool Teachers
Mrs. Roe

email: roel@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Lott

 email:  lotts@dearbornschools.org
Young 5’s and Kindergarten Teachers
Ms. Shaheen (young 5’s)

email:  shaheel@dearbornschools.org

Ms. Jacobs

email:  jacobsl@dearbornschools.org

Mrs. Harrison

email:  harrisv@dearbornschools.org

Ms. Bondy


email:  bondyc@dearbornschools.org


First Grade Teachers


Mr. Cook

 email:  cookk@dearbornschools.org


Mr. Brow

email: brown@dearbornschools.org
Second Grade Teachers
Mrs. Maraachli

email:  maraacl@dearbornschools.org
      Mrs. Graves

email: gravesl@dearbornschools.org

Second Grade/Third Grade Split

Mrs. Hachem

email:  hachemf@dearbornschools.org
Third Grade Teachers
Ms. Erickson

email:  ericksj@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Linderman

email:  linderm@dearbornschools.org

Fourth Grade Teachers
Mrs. Ford

email:  fordc@dearbornschools.org
Ms. Aun

email:  aunn@dearbornschools.org
Fifth Grade Teachers
Ms. Grimm

email:  grimme@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Wagner

email:  wagnerj@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Nickles

email:  nicklet@dearbornschools.org


Special Area Teachers and Support Staff
Mrs. Torres

email:  torress@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Saad

Title I Resource
email:  saadj@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Dgheish

District Instructional Coach
email:  dgheism@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Duncanson

email:  duncanc@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Blasko

email:  blaskot@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Shreve

Media Center
email:  shreveg@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Lall

Social Worker
email: lallj@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Farhat

Enrichment/ELD Specialist
email: farhatm@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Hansen

Media Center
email:  hansend@dearbornschools.org
Mr. Lively

Instrumental Music
email:  livelyl@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Abu-rus

ELD Specialist
email: aburusi@dearbornschools.org
Ms. Haddix

School Psychologist
email: haddixa@dearbornschools.org
Dr. Marshall-Reed

Special Education Resource Teacher
email:  marshae@dearbornschools.org
Mrs. Martin

Speech & Language
email: martink@dearbornschools.org


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