Experiments, Water Balloon Toss, Michigan Science Center and So Much More!!

At the Michigan Science Center we saw a live Science Show, a 4-D Movie and got to explore in the Hands On Museum!
Our teachers helped us understand all of the new concepts in each area.
On Monday, to help us enjoy the weather all of the students and teachers participated in a giant water balloon toss!
Next week we are going to keep exploring and learning!

1st Day of Summer School

Image result for tie dye clipart freeWe had a wonderful 1st day at our summer school.  Students started learning about Rock Erosion, Liquid, Solid and Gases and other science concepts.

Also, every student started to design their own tye dye t-shirt to wear on our field trip next Tuesday to the Science Center.  We will post pictures tomorrow of the tye dye process and our new shirts.

The fun and learning has only just begun!

McDonald Summer Reading Contest

Image result for contest images  So far we have 20 top readers and math wizards this summer on Moby Max!  Remember it is not to late to earn an exciting field trip in the Fall for completing your Moby Max hours this summer!

Our 20 top Moby Max Students are:

  1.  Sami
  2. Esma
  3. Nadine
  4. Layla
  5. Zahra B.
  6. Deana B.
  7. Rouba R.
  8. Marym A.
  9. Hassan I.
  10. Yara I.
  11. Rashid
  12. Maya
  13. Reem B.
  14. Hadel A.
  15. Gadeer
  16. Mohamed M.
  17. Nour A.
  18. Yusuf
  19. Malaak J.
  20. Alex

If you are not on this list I hope you work hard to be on it soon!  I will keep everyone posted throughout the summer!

Good Luck and Work Hard!

Mrs. Modica

March Is Reading Month Has Started – Dr. Suess Style

This morning our students from K-5 created a Dr. Suess hat in order to launch our March Reading Month.

Mr. Cook strated us off with a chant that he wrote for us.  Below is the chant we all said in the gym:

To be a leader

I am a reader

The more I read

The more I know

It works my brain

And helps me grow

So read this month

And you will see

Just how great

You can be

March is reading month

Yes it’s time

Go on MyOn

It’s good for you

March is reading month

I tell no lie

The class that reads the most

Will get a prize!

Stay tuned for a video! 

What a Busy Week! Don’t forget next week is Winter Break!

This has been a busy week at McDonald.  We have had Math Night, 100th Day of School, Shaving Cream Spelling and Valentine’s Day all in one week!

During Math night our students made shape snowflakes, played number bingo, participated in musical math and many more activities.  There were over 100 students and families who participated.

Our Kindergarten students dressed up like they were 100 years old on the 100th day of school.

After this week we are all looking forward to next week being break!

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